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          Hello, welcome to visit the official website of Ecredix

          Electronic test and measurement expert systems integration solutions, to provide professional electronic measurement equipment and analysis solutions

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          Smart Upgrade new episodeAdvanced features required for high-definition digital TV, with Dolby Digital decoding technology

          GB HD TV Signal Level Meter

          • 1.EMI Diagnostic Tool

            Development process over the EMI diagnostic tool

          • 2.Powerful

            Powerful, CE contains the EMI, RE diagnosis

          • 3.Reliable test data

            Secure access, evaluate and record test data

          • 4.EMI supports the pre-test

            Support EMI pre-testing software CHMExplorer

          • 5.Experience rich

            EMC high quality and rich experience in the industry

          • 6.Quality assurance

            3 year shelf life, ensure the whole seized shipments

          Specializing in electronic measurement and analysis solutions and equipment, new scoring 5 big advantage

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          long-term support of ECREDIX

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          Specializing in electronic measurement equipment and analysis solutionsTest and measurement systems integration solutions

          Integrated solutions for test andmeasurement systems

          Hotel digital TV transformation solutions

          Hotel digital TV transformation solutions

          The digital TV transformation overview: with the integral translation of digital TV upgrade, the whole city will shut down the analog cable TV signal of the original, upgraded to digital signal transmission, i.e. each TV must configure a digital set-top box and a decryption card can watch TV, have a large number of hot...

          Programme detailsConsulting

          Multi-standard digital TV card DVB modulation T2


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          Shenzhen Ecredix Technology Co.,Ltd.

          Shenzhen Ecredix Technology Co.,Ltd.

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